Monday, 4 May 2015

Capturing Identities back in Barcelona

We are more than pleased to announce the reopening of 'Capturing Identities' exhibition next Thursday, May 7th at Casal de barri Folch i Torres in Barcelona.

The exhibition will be displayed until next June 5th at this community center of Raval. Some of the artist will join us again to share their experiences with us.

Did you miss the opening last year? Want to remember the experience? If you are around, don't hesitate to show up!!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

See you soon!

As we announced on our previous post, these lasts months we've been busy preparing the exhibitions, presenting the outputs of our project, evaluating our progressions and, of course, celebrating and enjoying the results. It's been hectic!

So now it's time to remember all the work done. Looking back, there have been many special moments during  these nine months. We'd like to share some of them on this video. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to all participants, contributors, and friends who followed this adventure. See you soon!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Ready for the exhibitions!

Time goes fast and we've been busy writing about what we wanted to express through our pictures, and our impressions on the other group's pictures as you can see on the older posts.

We are currently working on the last details of our parallel exhibitions: our working groups are ready to set each exhibition and looking forward to the openings!

We'll be proudly holding our parallel exhibitions from 6th to 20th June at Filmoteca de Catalunya in Barcelona, and from 14th June to 13th July at Photography Foundation in Istanbul. Visit us if you are around!

Serdar-ı Ekrem Cad. Ali Hoca Sok. No: 15 A
Galata - Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Plaça Salvador Seguí, 1 – 9
08001 Barcelona

Friday, 2 May 2014

About our photos (Barcelona)


In the first picture I wanted to create a different effect using the glass and the two main characters I chose. I wanted to contrast the area and the subjects.

In the second photo I wanted to show a dynamic atmosphere, which, from my point of view, defines a city like Barcelona. In the picture we can see how the characters move straight and fast. I think it defines the city.

I chose the third image because it reflects a dim atmosphere. I wanted to show the shifting effect of the birds and the bleak and melancholic atmosphere.


With these three photos I want to show and express a part of my life, passion, happiness and all that I like to do in my free time.

I am a computer technician and in my spare time either I study to learn more about computers by practising with hardware or I fix any kind of device.  I also go to the mosque to read and pray, that's why I thought it could be interesting to stress  it.  I am very interested in Islam and in computers, that is why I spend most of my free time on these things.


I took the photos in this street because I used to live there when I was a child. 

The first thing I noticed was that it had changed a lot from what I remember, it looks different. Sometimes I remember when I used to play there. 

Another thing I have not forgotten is that, although the school was close, I used to be late, probably because I thought I would get there in a shorter time.


With these pictures I want to show that I like to look at things from a different perspective and to do things other people would not do. I also express my appearance and preferences through them. 

I like to focus on small details in order to create a larger piece of work, to play and use nature to include it in my world.


With these photos I wanted to show the feeling of how we live in the city, with a poetic image which tells about life indoors and outdoors. That is why I chose the warm sun to show the climate of the city as a message from Barcelona.

The indoor pictures are self-portraits which give some ideas of the way we live in the city.


Unreal night. Seeing a strange being in the street is surprising, especially at night. A second of your life is gone while watching that wonder, although we do not take that into account.

Nostalgia. It makes us feel we lack that element we do not know in spite of having it just in front of us.

Getting things we want makes us happy, but some time later we get bored of them.


In my first picture we are training in Drassanes Sports Center. My friends are working out according to the schedule. The photo was taken in the evening around 7pm, when we usually train. To me this picture means effort and suffering.

In my second picture there is a net to keep balls. In this net there are the seven football balls we use to train. At the bottom of the photo we can see part of my shoe which I showed involuntarily but that I decided to include. It was also taken at night, when we usually train.

In my third and last picture we see some table football players from one of the goals perspective. The football table is in Futbolmania, a shop in Sant Antoni street. With this photo I want to show a long shot in first person.


I chose this picture because I think the movement in the court makes the spectators thrill, since the goalkeeper is on the floor. There is artificial light and it is a wide shot.

I picked this photo because we can see that football is a team game. We are placed in the middle because we wanted to applaud the spectators. We had won. There is artificial light and it is a medium shot.

I like this picture. A friend and I went to the park to walk the dog. The light is artificial and it is a medium shot.


The day I took these photos was a rainy day. I chose that day because I like cloudy rainy days.
In the first photo we can see my schoolyard. I took the photo during the break. We can see many kids playing. I took the picture of the yard because it is where I spend time with my friends.

The second picture shows many trees in a cloudy day. I enjoy cloudy days. I like the shape of the trees in this photo.

I took the third picture when it stopped raining and the sky was not so cloudy. I chose this photo because there are a lot of people and everything was calm.


With the first picture I wanted to express that I enjoy everything about mystery, such as crime novels, detectives, magic… I also like motorbikes, and that is why I took a photo of the most mysterious part of a motorbike for me, to express both things.

In the second picture, I wanted to convey that I prefer rainy days rather than sunny ones, because I like the ground wet and fresh. I like nature, especially on those days when it shows its deepest smell.

With the last picture I want to express that I like being by myself when I am sad or tired. Sometimes I do not enjoy being with people, that does not happen very often, but sometimes I like to be a bit antisocial.


With my three pictures I want to convey that I love sports, that is why I took the photo of the ball in the basket.

With my blank stare while I have my headphones on, I wanted to express that I love and I get carried completely away with music.

In the third picture I am sitting on a bench in my high school. I wanted to show the place where I have spent my adolescence and, since this is my last year here, I  will miss it a lot.

I have chosen these three pictures because they tell everything about me. It may not be understandable to some, but this is what I like.


I have chosen these three photos because they show where I live and where I was raised since I arrived in Barcelona.

I am in two of the pictures. They show my appearance and how happy I am.

About our photos (Istanbul)


In my photos the manifestation of my personal rebelliousness came to the fore. I'm keeping an important person in my life that I lost with my rebelliousness and fake happiness. All my feelings that I keep inside me came to the fore in the pictures.

The park I took the photographs of has a value important to me. There I started a new life.

Perhaps being with people I love makes my fake happiness real. All my loved ones give me hope.

The black and white in the photographs add on a little retro and sorrow feelings.


My mother and sister are the only real thing in my life.  When my mother plays a game with the tablet, my sister usually tries to get the tablet back. They usually quarrel and my sister waits next to her until she finishes her game to try to take the tablet.

Basketball fields perhaps the only place in life where I find peace. For relaxing and letting go of things little things enough for me. That makes me happy. Scoring a basket, when someone in my team scores a basket or that my team wins the match... These are the kind of things that make me very happy, doesn’t matter whether we win or not. Experiencing these moments and that team spirit means a lot.

Usually we fight a lot with my sister but she is my darling. Sometimes she comes to our basketball practice. In general, she loves to watch, after training she runs and embrace me


This photo I took after school means a lot to me, because I give a lot of importance to my friends in my life. I chose my three photos in order to show my strong connection with my friends. I used shadows to express that in my first photograph.

I have included the second photograph because I feel comfortable when I’m at home on my own.  I am a person that likes comfort very much, as you can see. I love to stay at home alone and concentrating on myself. My life is quite colorful and too crowded at the same time, that is why sometimes feels good to stay on my own. Home an important place in my life.

In the last photo I want to show how important my family is. Because I don’t have any brother or sister, I love spending time with my cousins.  We have breakfasts together, because I like to be with people as much as with myself. I love to communicate and spend time with people.


In the first photo, I show that I often use the subway to go home; this is how I show my neighborhood. 

I am literally addicted to tea and I like drinking tea at home in my spare time, especially when I read a book. This is why I chose the second photograph and, at the same time I wanted to draw attention to the name of the book Hiçbirimiz Masum Degiliz (None of us is innocent). 

I took the third photo one day that we forgot to disembark from the ferry because we were tired, sluggish and sleepy. We took the advantage of this opportunity and stretched on the banks of ferry. I thought this would be a nice shot.


The first thing we notice in the photo is the mess. Then papers and pictures that I use to draw on... I love scribble, cut and paste in my spare time. 

In the second photo you can see that I am quite sensitive towards animals. Although my dog  has his own bowl, there are two smaller bowls next to it because my dog is greedy and I share my food with him in these two bowls. 

I wanted to work on the issue of loneliness in the final photograph. Although there are other people around, I wanted to take distance and watch around while smoking and thinking. The display of the phone, which is off, indicates that I don’t want to be disturbed... The chair and table indicate that we are in the modern style decorated room. 


In the first photo I took myself lying on my bed. That day I was very tired. This is my room and all my stuff is in different colors because I love to live life in color. My phone and my watch are always next to my pillow at night. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I look is my watch, and linger surfing the internet on my mobile. Checking my mobile occupies a large part of my life: I can say it is always with me. 

I think the second photo tells a lot about me. There is complexity: I do not want to be only black and white. Despite this complexity in my life, I'm trying to make it colorful. For me, the colors mean happiness and peace. 

In the last photo I wanted to show my easy-going attitude. Everyone in the class is in their own world, just like me. No matter what people are doing around me I do what I want to do at that moment. I'm not tied to anything, I love to live independently and be free.


The first photo is one of my sister, because she is a big part of my life. It was before going to bed so she wore her pyjamas, and when she saw that I began to take her photos, she started to pose. 

In this second photo you can see myself with my feet extended, because I'm a person who is constantly waiting. It has been taken at the semester break, when I was waiting to Esra and Duygu for going to the Photography Foundation in Galata. In short, my life flows while I am waiting to someone.

I have drawn since I was 2 years old; I love it and I want this to be my job in the future. Therefore, I usually draw in my spare time.


I took my first photo when I was pretty tired. My picture reflects this: it is blurry and the expression on my face fully reflects fatigue. 

In the other photo I show my mother, my sister and my grandmother at home; The reason I chose this photo with my family is because we are constantly sitting together in the living room. I have got to sit with them instead of in my room. 

I do not go often with my friends outside of school. For this reason, I chose this last photo, that  shows the moment when we are doing our homework. Although it is a place we don’t love much: the workshop. Here we are bored with some homework. Our teachers bore us and they are quite tiring. That is the reason why we don’t love to be at workshops but thanks to our friendship we can have fun even when we are doing homework.


My room... perhaps where I spend most of my time. The t-shirt of my football team (Besiktas) that is hanging on the wall and its colors (black and white) it’s a thing I feel connected with. My room is usually tidy. I'm not a messy person and I do not like clutter. 

I'm studying in the graphics department. As in any department, this one also have some difficulties. For example, the work we are doing at the table is a form of print called linoleum. We are carving every single picture with buril and we draw on a special paper. It is a really hard and demanding work. Our class is very crowded but everyone help each other on whatever we need.

The view has been shot from my bedroom window. In the one-story house which is opposite to ours  there is an old couple living. When I go out to see them and I chat with them it makes me happy. It's impossible not to be happy when you see their sincerity, anyway.


I lost my grandmother when I was little and I mourned a lot for her; that is why I am bit pessimistic and do not like to feel alone. Also, that is why I love sunset photos. Sunset suggests to me that every beautiful thing comes to an end one day. I wanted to tell this with my photo. 

I specifically wanted to show the workshops where I am working three days a week. My friends and I are doing various studies here, such as drawing, printing and painting. I have dedicated years of my life to graphic studies. 

Every minute of my life is quite busy and tiring. I have tried to reflect this in the photograph of the tree branches. Sometimes when I feel lonely, my life feels as disorderly as those tree branches.


I am a person who likes spending time with my friends so I wanted to have them in this photo. My friends are always my priority. The places we usually go are colourful. This gives me energy and also influences my personality: makes me happy and it feels good. I usually pay attention to details and prefer entertaining cafes. 

I am a quick-tempered person: within ten minutes I can both laugh and cry... While I am laughing for some things, if anything happen and makes me angry I am not able to control myself. In this case, I encounter very different passions. The second photo I caught is my little cousin when she is very angry. I think she is similar to me. 

And finally the tools I use in school. I am a graphics student so I like scribble and painting. I wanted to show the tools we use to study in the third picture. It shows I love drawing.


I have portrayed my family in the photo because my family is the greatest treasure of my life. I share my joy and my sadness with them; they always share with me both good and bad days.

In the first picture we are in the hospital room. It’s when my father was in the hospital and we went to visit him. He was from Afghanistan. Then he was still alive but unfortunately he is dead now. He was making us laugh. He had a throat cancer and could not speak but with hand gestures he was telling us if he needed something. Despite his illness his eyes were shining with joy. His vital energy had affected us all in a good way. 

In the other photo I'm with my father. As you know little girls are always the princess of their fathers, that is how I was. I was my dad's little princess... It is not important how old we are, we are always small for our family and this is a very good thing. Even if you are 30 years old they still care and protect you. My father is very important to me . He is my first love and it will always stay the same. If you are a girl, your father is your hero and your first love.

Usually there were three people in our family breakfasts. I get up early in the morning and go to school before them. I get up early for going to work on weekends too. Sometimes when I don’t work on Sundays, I can stay for breakfast but unfortunately this is not always possible.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What I see in your photos? (2/2)


The picture shows that the photographer likes having a relaxing time with her friends. The boy in the right seems to be talking with the girl and the one in the middle is listening to them and talking on the phone. In the background we can  see five black and white pictures and three in colour. The photo has artificial light, it is in colour and a medium shot.

In the picture there is a small child at home, next to the couch. The boy might be asking for something, or, probably, something important or necessary has been taken away from him, so he might have got upset. It is an artificial light picture, in colour and medium shot.

In the picture we can see some broken or disassembled tools. We can also see a pink case on the left, and on the right we can see a kind of stone brick, which might have been used. Finally, we can observe that all these materials are scattered around the place.


In the first photo, the young girl may be his girlfriend or his sister. The girl's expression shows that she is quite satisfied to be in the photo. At the same time the dog next to her shows that she loves animals. The scattered belongings in the background show he is a carefree and untidy person. 

The second photo shows either the joy of victory after a handball game or it is a beginning of the game. This shows his love of the sport, but also may indicate that he is one of the supporters, although there are no spectators and this may be the team's training. 

I think the third photo shows the moment when the goal keeper saves a goal. The photographer shots in that moment of saving, or during a goal. I believe Miguel likes the excitement of this sport.


These are the three pictures that correspond to me and they have been made by Buğra Erdoğan:In the first picture I think that the girl who appears is his sister and the woman next to her might be his mum.  To me, the room belongs to a girl because it looks very girly. The woman looks like she is doing or watching something on  an Ipad.

In the second picture, I can see a playground. It could be his school or a city park. I believe he likes playing basketball because there is a basket, and I also think he might like nature since there are many trees.
In the last photo, I believe I see the same girl as the one in the first picture, who could be his sister. She might be around 7 or 8 years old and looks very happy because she has a wide smile on her face. I think the photo was taken in a school gym, probably his or his sister's school.


Munni’s introversion is on the foreground of her photographs. In the photographs, the feelings of loneliness are clearly expressed by four walls, as well as with dark colors.  I think her school is between the four walls and buildings. It is obvious that she is rather bored with the chaos of the city. I think she could be very introverted.


In the first picture the photographer wants to show her favourite moment, with her friends after class. They are tidying up, talking on the phone or finishing some work. We can also see that she like arts class because there are drawings and crafts around. She probably has fun there.

The second picture is taken either at sunset or at dawn. I think she wants to express that she likes nature  or she likes to observe this beautiful moment, or she simply likes to go there to relax. She might also like to observe the colours we can see at this moment and feel the warmth of the sun.

In the third picture we can infer that she likes the shapes that nature shows, like the angled branches. The shapes of these branches remind us of a spider web. It also means that she likes everything related to nature, as we can see in the second  picture. We also see that it is winter time.

In the first one, he took the photograph of the chain of the engine. This may indicate his commitment to someone, or that there is a great interest towards the engine.

 In the second photo we see row upon row of cobbles that gives a sense of community and unity. At the same time, it seems to be one single leaf. He might want to be alone but people around may not leave him.
In the third photo he might have represented the rain drops as tears. He might have lost a loved one or may be forced to walk away from him/her. 

In general, there is sadness and sorrow in his photographs, as if something has upset him.


The three pictures together are not very connected, so it's difficult to infer anything. But we can deduce some information from each one of them.

The first photo shows the photographer, I suppose. I am not sure of what she wanted to express, but I believe she likes music and she was in one of those solitary moments when nothing matters, just her and the music.

In the second picture there are several people in a room, probably her classmates. This photo shows companionship and that she also enjoys being with peo
ple and not to be alone. She expresses the opposite from the previous picture.

The third picture is blurred. We do not know if it was her choice or it is due to not having much time. In this photo we can see the city. She wants to tell us how much she likes it .


I think the first photo has been taken in a school. Surroundings are clean and tidy and the works at the background of the photo are probably students' works. The chosen location is very bright and everyone seems quite comfortable. He might like to play or watch basketball. He loves to listen to music too. 

I think music plays an important role in his life. He is probably spending a lot of time at school and it seems that he loves to be alone rather than with people.


Wide shot, in colour. Artificial illumination from above. We can see a room with a bed and a  curtain. There is a man in the bed. He is in a blue shirt, we cannot see the rest of his clothes because they are covered. There is a person standing next to the bed and looking at the man. She is wearing a black jacket and has her hands together. 

What can the photo mean? I think it expresses a sad image, but it would be so if it were in black and white. The woman might have told good news to the man and they are happy.

Medium shot. Artificial illumination. We can see two people sitting on a couch. An old man kissing a young woman. They are probably grandfather and granddaughter. The girl is closing her eyes and smiling. She wants to show how happy she is with her grandfather.

Wide shot. Natural illumination. We can see a family eating together. There is a woman, a boy and a man, and they are in their dining-room. They are looking at their meal, having breakfast. It looks like a healthy meal. We can see many paintings and some decoration in the room, so I might say that the woman likes decorating. Yağmut Ocak wants to show happiness in a family. And the only moment they get together  is at meals.

Looking at the second and third pictures I  would say that the man is not her grandfather but her father. The woman is her mother and the boy her brother. With the three pictures we could build a story: The father is ill and the mother brings him good news. When her father gets home he kisses his daughter. She shows her happiness. The next day they all have a healthy breakfast, especially  for the father. Nice family.


Faisal loves playing music on the street. He has a commitment to his guitar and his life is based on music. If he plays music on the street he starts late. He is continuously in the crowd but he also wants to be alone. 

In the photo where he took his feet, the yellowed leaf comes to the fore in the line. He might have shot it just for aesthetic image. He might be a person who enjoys music and is happy, but also loves loneliness and simplicity. 


It is a sepia photograph. We can see a boy lying on a classroom table with his bag next to him. There is also somebody taking a ‘making of’. He wants to show that is relaxed and happy.

This is a black and white photo. There is an empty park and the trees have few leaves. The park is very clean and quiet. The photography wants to transmit two things: that winter is coming or that leaves are growing because spring is near.

This black and white picture shows a boy smoking. He is alone in a classroom, so nobody can see him. He wants to show that he enjoys smoking. 


Zyrish photographs are giving me the following information about life in Barcelona: the feeling of happiness and peacefulness do stand out in the two photographs. I think the infinity necklace she is wearing represents intimacy with somebody and her smile indicates that he or she is someone close. 

In the first photo the construction in the background show us that the city is cluttered, but this does not affect Zyrish. The close up to her face feels that she is at peace with herself. The street she is living on must be valuable for her. The street seems more peaceful than a street in our country. I felt that because the street is clean and tidy. 

Although Barcelona is a Christian city I suppose encountering other religions must be normal, as the photo of two women with headscarves shows there are Muslims living in the area. Maybe the reason of them leaning forward is that they are having a conversation but for me it also suggests that they are not comfortable living in another country. But Zyrish and her close circle seem to have no problem about it.

What I see in your photos? (1/2)

The next step was sending our pictures to the other group. Each participant worked on the pictures of the assigned person from the other city and wrote his/her interpretation on them:


The first picture is a wide shot, I can see that he is a football lover. I also see that he is a tidy person who cares for his family (because of the photo frame). I can feel he is a quiet person, who likes being with his family. 

He is also stable.The second picture is a medium shot. I can see that he is in an Arts class and I can feel he likes drawing, observing and working with people.

The third photo is a wide shot. I can see it is a poor neighbourhood, with different people. The person who took this photo wants to show us where he/she lives and how he/she lives.


Despite living in a crowded environment she is trying to stand out from the crowd.

She is looking for peace in the silence, looking at life from outside as an observer.

She lives in a tidy and regular environment, and spends a large part of her life outside.


According to what I see transportation is a familiar topic to Duygu . Two of the three pictures are related to means of transport. With the second picture she wants to express this tiredness. She is having some tea, she might have it every day but I would say she has it when she gets home, to relax.

In the third picture, she shows her daily morning ferry trip to Istanbul, since there are some people who take advantage of the trip to have a nap.

In the first picture she shows that she takes the underground after studying. I believe Duygu apart from studying also works. She might study in the mornings and work in the evenings.

From my point of view, Duygu might not have much time for leisure and she probably has little social life, not much fun, on the contrary, studying and working makes people get tired, and that's why she might need to have her red tea. One can see neither leisure nor open air, as though she were within her own world and not interested in anything else.


Judging by the writing on the wall I think this image must be taken in a religious venue. And by making such an emphasis on that image, I think Azhar takes his religion seriously.

Also, I can see from the photos he is quite into technology. Judging by the screwdriver on the table he is not only into technology, he likes also repairing and operating gadgets.

At the same time, he is untidy and may be someone who does not care about his stuff. Judging by the child shoe at the bottom of the computer desk, he might have a sister. I guess he is fond of his comfort and he has sports footwear so he works out, I suppose.


In the first picture she is at a workshop with her friends. She looks focused on her work, as though she were in another world. She might be preparing some task to present in class. Working with her hands looks relaxing. Also, you can see an effect in the picture: one of her friends looks a bit blurred whereas she is more focused.

In the next picture she appears with a more serious face while taking a picture of herself. The image is blurred, as done on purpose, so it might have been her choice.

In the last picture we can see her family watching TV in their living-room. The light is different from the other photos, because it is not natural, it does not come from the sun, and therefore the effect is dimmer.

The first photo shows a quiet residential area. This is the place where he might live or may be somewhere he goes to very often. It is a very clean place. Since he has chosen these photos from the others, it must have been somewhere he has had an important memory of or where he spends a lot of time. Perhaps it is the place where he grew up. 

The second photo is also taken at the same place, and in both photos there is a particular order: perhaps he is a meticulous and organized person, and might have wanted to reflect this in the photos. 

I think he has taken himself in the last photo. If it is a self-portrait, he seems quite happy: he is happy to be in the photo. Again a photo from the same place... it is obviously an important place for him. His clothes and the location are in perfect harmony: I suppose he is looking for peace and he comes here often to get it.


The first picture wants to show that she is a tidy person who likes technical drawing. I believe she is a girl because there are some pink objects on the table.

In the second picture, the photographer wants to show that the dog is her favourite pet and that it is very affectionate with the photographer. The dog seems to have eaten something as it is licking its nose.

The third picture wants to show sadness and boredom. It might be the very city where the photographer lives. They seem to be at a restaurant watching football and smoking. A cigarette is on the ashtray and it is a black and white photo.


In this photo, Hriday might have wanted to tell something about loneliness. It seems he has climbed at the top of a building and he might have climbed up there for finding peace: there is calmness, clarity in the photo. The houses are very close to each other, it must be very crowded place and, because of that, I think he went up to take the photo: to get away from people. The sun set and the colors of it are very simple. It seems a nice place to rest.

The second photo is also very quiet. There are few object
s. Hriday does not seem very introverted, maybe he finds entertainment on the internet that cannot find in real life. He must be a very tidy person. His bed looks quite neat and there is not much furniture around, so it is an indication of his tidiness to me.

The house we can see in the last photo seems a sort of student house. He must love technology. I think he is a rigorous person that likes having everything under control.


In this picture we can see that the photographer took a photograph from an anonymous perspective. Why did she do so? It could be for fun, just to play with the shades or for any other reason.

A personal moment, alone at home. She might be depressed or just watching TV after having got up in the morning. On the other hand, if we look at her right leg, we can create something imaginary.

Having a meal with the family. A moment when everybody tells how their day was. But in photography we cannot see what they are talking about. Is it because they are hungry and they are fighting for the food? Apparently not. It was probably taken while no one was talking. For instance, if we look at the person on the right, he/she might seem to have dropped some jam and everybody is looking at this person. Or any other reason.


He seems tense and distressed to me, and the reason of that could be the uncertainty about his life. I think he tries to stay away from people and that he is happier alone. It looks like he likes darkness. Maybe is someone who lives life in a complex way, but he is hopeful within this complexity.

I suppose his school is a place lined with concrete and only a few trees planted. This gives me the impression of having a dull and boring life. Taking children photographs from the top somehow represents him staying away from people, and being rather intertwined with technology. He seems to be quite into the technology and fed up with the outside world. So I think he is trying to find happiness through technology.


In the first picture that the photographer has sent we can see a person sitting on a bench, though we don't know if it is the photographer. The person is listening to music because she has some headphones on connected to her mobile phone. I can feel that she is a quiet and happy person who likes listening to music.

In the second picture Fatma shows a little girl, who is probably her sister. In the photo we see a berth, which she probably shares with her sister. The girl in the photo might be between 8 and 10 years old. Her sister is hanging from the berth and looks happy.

The third picture is the most artistic. In it we find paintings, paintbrushes and a drawing of fruit pieces. In the picture we can see an apple, half a kiwi and what seems to be two hazelnuts. The picture tells me that she is about to paint the drawing, that's why she has everything prepared. I think she is a painter because she is very good at it.


The first photo was probably taken during a training. I think they are warming up before exercise and the person in front may be their instructor. In the second photo we see a few balls and worn out trainers. The trainer can be a proof that he has been interested in this sport for a long time. When we look at the last photo, we can see that it is a sports shop in a shopping center. We see the sports brand from the table football and the objects around. 
If we make a general comment about the photographs, we can say football has become a very important part of his life.